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City of Ackley/Franklin County | Public Notice

The City of Ackley, Iowa and Franklin County, Iowa propose to replace the Franklin Street (S56) Bridge over Beaver Creek. The proposed improvement will have an impact on Prairie Bridges Park located near Beaver Creek.

With this notification, the public is invited to review and comment on the proposed de minimis effect of the bridge replacement on the protected activities, features, and attributes of Prairie Bridges Park.

De minimis impacts on publicly owned parks, recreational areas, and wildlife and waterfowl refuges are defined as those that do not "adversely affect the activities, features and attributes" of the Section 4(f) Resource.

For additional information, or to comment on the anticipated de minimis effect, please contact: John W. Waddingham, Franklin County Engineer, PO Box 118, 1341 Olive Avenue, Hampton, Iowa 50441. Phone: 641-456-4671.

To view information concerning the de minimis impact please go to the following website: www.co.franklin.ia.us.

To download the complete public notice, please click here.

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