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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

To the citizens of Ackley,

I never would have thought that the first informational letter that I share with you would involve the COVID-19 virus.

I wish these conversations were not necessary and that these hard decisions did not have to take place. But here we are.

At this time, starting tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th of March, the following changes will take place.

1. City Hall will be closed for the next 4 weeks. There will still be someone there and please do not hesitate to call if you need assistance with something 641-847-3332. We are asking that you use the drop off box by the street or the drop box on the front door of the building. 2. The library will be closed for the next 4 weeks. 3. The Heritage Center will be closed for the next 4 weeks. 4. We are in conversation with the restaurants and bars to determine the best course of action. 5. We are asking that everyone stay away from gatherings of 10-20 people or more. 6. I would strongly urge everyone to cancel any travel arrangements that you have. IF you feel that you absolutely have to travel. I am strongly asking that you self quarantine for 2 weeks when you return. As a nurse and also your Mayor, I want to reach out to you and ask that you just use good common sense. Wash your hands frequently. If you don’t feel well, please stay at home. IF you must go out, then be aware of those around you and if things don’t look clean or someone seems ill....leave that situation and return home. I know we have a lot of folks who gather in the mornings at different places to have coffee. This is a great thing, but no so much right now. Stay home and have your coffee and call a friend. If we all become responsible to do our part for the next 4-6 weeks, we can prevent this from hitting Ackley, or at least say we did all we could to prevent it. Please check out the Ackley website and the facebook page. We will keep you updated on further changes as they take place. Please fill free to contact me with any questions. Work: 641-847-2623 Cell: 641-373-6361 Thank you all for your help and understanding. We will make it through this, just try to relax a little and use common sense.

Pat Daggs

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