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Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Order of Agenda at the Mayor’s discretion

Note: Persons addressing the council with concerns, requests or proposals are asked to limit their time to five (5) minutes. If you do not state, at the time you ask to be put on the agenda, what you will be addressing with the council, a decision cannot be made and voted on by the council at this meeting.

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approve Agenda

4. CONSENT AGENDA: All items listed under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council Member requests separate consideration prior to the time Council votes on the motion. (Additions/corrections/approval/place on file)

a. Minutes – October 12, 2022 Regular Mtg

b. Bills approval

c. Department Reports

- Clerk Bank Reconciliation/Cash Report/Treasurer Report – October 2022

- Clerk Budget Reports – October 2022

- Deputy Clerk Utility Billing Reconciliation – October 2022

- Ambulance Report – October 2022

- Fire Report – October 2022

- People Service Report – September 2022

- Ackley Development Report – October 2022

5. 7:00 P.M. Public Hearing - Proposal to enter into a Sewer Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement and to borrow money thereunder in a principal amount not to exceed $3,760,000

6. Discussion/Action – Resolution 22-51 Authorizing and Approving a Loan and Disbursement Agreement and providing for issuance and securing the payment of a $3,760,000 Sewer Revenue Bond Series 2022

7. Discussion – Preliminary Budget Items

8. Discussion/Possible Action – 605 Main St. CDBG-CV Façade Grant Change Order #2

9. Discussion/Possible Action – CD Rates for Cemetery Renewal

10. Discussion/Action – Approve Appointment/Reappointments

a. Terrill DeBerg to Planning & Zoning Commission term expiring 12/31/27

b. Brent Harrenstein to Planning & Zoning Commission term expiring 12/31/27

c. Jeremy Stahl to Airport Board of Trustees to fill A. Prescott term expiring 12/31/23

d. Jeff Brass to Airport Board of Trustees term expiring 12/31/27

e. Brian Wade to Tree Board term expiring 12/31/25

f. Judy Crawford to Tree Board term expiring 12/31/25

g. Sueanne French to Cemetery Board of Trustees term expiring 12/31/27

11. Discussion/Action – Resolution 22-52 Setting Wages for Trent Meyer

12. Discussion/Action – Resolution 22-53 Authorizing Mayor Entering into Addendum for Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Federal-Aid Swap Project with the Iowa Dept of Transportation (N. Butler St Project)

13. Discussion/Action – Resolution 22-54 Authorizing Mayor Entering into Agreement Between City of Ackley and Cornerstone Commercial Contractors for 605 Main St. CDBG-CV Façade Grant Project

14. Discussion/Action – Resolution 22-55 Authorizing Clerk Signing Agreement with Electric Pump for Pump Maintenance

15. Discussion/Action – Resolution 22-56 Authorizing Clerk Entering into 2 Year Contract with Verizon for 3 new phones

16. Discussion/Action – Resolution 22-57 Approving 2022 TIF Certifications

17. Discussion/Action – Approve Payment to Ferguson Waterworks in the amount of $2,750.00 for Utility Billing Software Renewal

18. Discussion/Action – Approve Payment to gWorks in the amount of $6,076.00 for annual license fee for SimpleCity Accounting Software

19. Discussion/Action – Approve Payment to MidAmerican Energy in the amount of $4,697.93 for 2 light pole replacements

20.Discussion/Action – Approve Purchase to Sandry Fire Supply in the amount of $5,303.00 for 2 gas powered fans

21. Discussion/Action – PeopleService

a. Purchase to _________ in the amount of $________ for Water Main Valve Project

b. Purchase to Electrical Pump in the amount of $3,258.75 for electrical work on the Omni Site Alarm system for 5 lift stations

22. Discussion/Possible Action – CGA Report

a. Sanitary Sewer Phase II Project

b. Equalization Basin

c. Splash Pad

d. North Butler Street

i. Pay Estimate #3

23.Discussion/Possible Action – Ackley Police Department

24.Public Works Department Comments

25.City Clerk Comments

26.Mayor & Council Comments

27. Public Comments (State Name & Address, Limited to 5 minutes, no action can be taken)


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