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Order of Agenda at the Mayor’s discretion

Note: Persons addressing the council with concerns, requests or proposals are asked to limit their time to five (5) minutes. If you do not state, at the time you ask to be put on the agenda, what you will be addressing with the council, a decision cannot be made and voted on by the council at this meeting.

  1. Call to Order

  2. Roll Call

  3. Approve Agenda

  4. CONSENT AGENDA: All items listed under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council Member requests separate consideration prior to the time Council votes on the motion. (Additions/corrections/approval/place on file) a. Minutes – June 10, 2020 Regular Mtg and June 24, 2020 Special Mtg b. Bills approval c. Department Reports Clerk Bank Reconciliation/Cash Report/Treasurer Report – June 2020 Clerk Budget Reports – June 2020 Deputy Clerk Utility Billing Reconciliation – June 2020 Fire Report –June 2020 Ambulance Report – Jun 2020 Council Committee Reports – June 2020 ° Finance/Administration ° Water/Sanitation ° Streets ° Building and Parks Prairie Bridges Financial Reports – 1st Quarter Deputy Clerk Ambulance Write off Report – 1st Quarter

  5. Discussion/Possible Action – Approve Liquor License for Friends of Prairie Bridges for August Park Fest pending sketch and dramshop insurance

  6. Discussion/Possible Action – Airport mower

  7. Discussion/Action – New Ambulance buildings bids

  8. Discussion/Action – Purchasing ATV type vehicle for Public Works department

  9. Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 20-29 To Approve the City of Ackley Community Development Block Grant Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Contract for 402 2nd Ave., Ackley, IA 50601

  10. Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 20-30 Authorizing FY20 Year End Transfers

  11. Discussion/Action – Resolution No 20-31 Hiring Part-time employees for the Volunteer Ambulance Positions

  12. Discussion/Action – Approve payment to Ken’s Repair for $7955.00 for Public Works mower prior approval for $7875.00

  13. Discussion/Action – Approve payment to Navratil Excavating – Demo on 420 State St. $45,000.

  14. Discussion/Action – Approve payment to Ramaker Engineering for Splash Pad in the amount of $3125.00 – Out of Pool Committee funds

  15. Discussion/Action – Approve Clear the Chaos Cleaning for City Hall/Civic Center

  16. Discussion/Action – Nuisance Properties

  17. 420 State St. – Update

  18. Discussion/Possible Action – Angela De La Riva, Hardin County Economic Development Director

  19. Discussion/Possible Action – CGA Report a. Franklin Street Bridge b. Sanitary Sewer Improvement Plan c. 2019 Watermain Project d. ADA Access City Hall e. Storm Sewer City Hall f. North Butler Street

  20. Public Works Department Comments

  21. Deputy Clerk Comments

  22. Mayor & Council Comments

  23. Locator (Wessels)

  24. Gravel by Heritage Center from railroad (Mayor)

  25. Public Comments (State Name & Address, Limited to 5 minutes, Council cannot take action)

  26. Adjournment

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