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Wednesday, June 24, 2020 @ 5:00 P.M.

ACKLEY CITY COUNCIL met in special session June 24, 2020 in the Ackley Council Chambers with Mayor Pat Daggs presiding. The meeting was called to order at 5:02 P.M. Council members present: Judy Crawford, Chuy Flores, Pat Hurt, Joe Wessels, and Mike Abbas. Quorum present.

Wessels moved, Crawford seconded, to approve the June 24, 2020 Agenda as listed. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

Discussion/Action: Approve Cigarette/Tobacco/Nicotine/Vapor Permits

  1. Casey’s General Store #1921

  2. Dollar General Store #18911

  3. Ackley Super Foods

Wessels moved, Crawford seconded, to approve all three Permits. Ayes-All, Motion carried.

A Discussion / Public Hearing / Action was held for what the personnel Organizational-Chart/Structure of City Hall should appear moving forward.

High level discussion points included:

Writing and finalizing all Job Descriptions.

Does the City of Ackley require a City Manager/Administrator?

Updating the Employee Handbook.

Should all future City employees be residents of Ackley?

If Ad goes out to all, should it also be posted on one of the Online Job Posting Ap?

Should the City Clerk position be posted to all city employees who may want to apply?

Should the City Clerk sign an agreement to “Stay On” for an agreed period of time, or pay back all training expenses?

Hurt Motioned to place the Help Wanted Ad for the “City Clerk” in the local papers, League of Cities, Facebook, Web-Site, and on Indeed. The Ad should include fair salary based on experience, full benefits including IPERS. The application deadline should be 7/17/2020. Crawford seconded the Motion. Ayes – all, Motion carried. Discussions were opened to the public.

Cheri Boelman presented the question; “What didn’t work with Kelly De Berg and Malena Dennis and the job duties, was there to much for them?”. Mayor Daggs responded to her question.

Motion to close Special Meeting was moved by Crawford and seconded by Hurt. Ayes – All Members, Motion carried.

Adjournment @ 6:30 P.M.


Pat Daggs, Mayor

ATTEST: ______________________________________

Steven L. Ackerman, City Clerk

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