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July 8, 2020

ACKLEY CITY COUNCIL met in regular session July 8, 2020 in the Ackley Council Chambers with Mayor Pat Daggs presiding. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Council members present: Pat Hurt, Joe Wessels, Mike Abbas, Judy Crawford, and Chuy Flores. Quorum present.

Hurt moved, Abbas seconded, to approve the July 8, 2020 Agenda as listed. Ayes-All. Motion


Abbas moved, Hurt seconded, to approve the Consent Agenda by one motion: a) June 10, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes and June 24, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes, as written. b) Bills approval authorizing payment of bills and transfers as listed. c) Place Reports on file: June

2020 Clerk Bank Reconciliation/Cash Report/Treasurer Report; June 2020 Clerk Budget Reports; June 2020 Deputy Clerk Utility Billing Reconciliation; June 2020 Fire Report; June 2020 Ambulance Report; June 2020 Council Committee Reports-Finance, Policy &

Administration/Water & Sanitation/Streets/Building & Parks, Prairie Bridges Financial reports, Deputy Clerk Ambulance Write off accounts Ayes-All. Motion carried.

Crawford moved, Flores seconded, to approve Liquor License for Friends of Prairie Bridges for Park Fest, pending sketch and dram shop insurance.

Discussion was had regarding the purchase of a mower to be used only at the airport. The one the airport was interested in would require more maintenance than a normal mower. Public Works reported it took them 1 hour/20 minutes to mow the airport the last time. There is no money budgeted for a new mower for the airport. Crawford motioned to pass this year on the purchase and look into budgeting next year, Flores seconded the motion. Ayes-All. Motion Carried.

Discussion on the new ambulance building bids. Flores reported he has received a few bids but is still awaiting bids on electric, landscaping, and sewer/water. These bids are for 3 stalls and he did not believe that eliminating one stall would be a big difference. Gallentine from CGA was in attendance and had encouraged Flores to get in contact with our City attorney regarding bid letting and bid thresholds.

Discussion to purchase a new ATV for Public Works. Flores received bid for $21,325.00 from

Dieke Implement Co. Deputy Clerk to look in budget to see if there was room for purchase. If

not, would need to plan to budget this purchase for next year.

Hurt moved, Abbas seconded, to adopt Resolution No. 20-29 to Approve City of Ackley

Community Development Block Grant Owner Occupied Housing Rehab contract for 402 2nd Ave pending receipt from owner their financial share of rehab. Roll call vote: Ayes- Wessels,

Abbas, Crawford, Flores, and Hurt. Motion carried.

Crawford moved, Hurt seconded, to adopt Resolution No. 20-30 Authorizing FY 20 Year End

Transfers. Roll call vote: Ayes- Abbas, Crawford, Flores, Hurt, and Wessels. Motion carried.

Crawford moved, Wessels seconded, to adopt Resolution No. 20-31 Hiring Part time employees for the Volunteer Ambulance Positions. Roll call vote: Ayes- Crawford, Flores, Hurt, Wessels, and Abbas. Motion carried.

Abbas moved, Hurt seconded, to approve payment to Ken’s Repair for $7955.00 for a new

mower. Prior approval was given in the amount of $7875.00 however, that was last year’s price. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

Wessels moved, Abbas seconded, to approve payment to Navratril Excavating for $45,000 for

the demolition of 420 State St. Ayes-All. Motion carried.

Hurt moved, Flores seconded, to approve payment to Ramaker Engineering for $3125.00 for

the Ackley Splash Pad project. Ayes-All. Motion carried. Guidance given by Gallentine

regarding bid letting.

Crawford moved, Hurt seconded, to contract with Clear the Chaos Cleaning for City Hall/Civic

Center. Ayes-All. Motion carried. Crawford to reach out the company.

Per Angela with Hardin County Economic Development, City should be receiving reimbursement for 626 Main St from Catalyst Grant. Reports that 626 Main St should be done

by end of summer and there is 1 bedroom apartment in the front and a 2 bedroom apartment

in the back of building. She is also working on a Brownfield Assessment grant.

Per Lee with CGA, approaches are done on the North Franklin St Bridge. Change order 11 from the Sanitary Sewer project is still out there unsigned – need to get the flow meters replaced before City signs off on final payment of project. He still has no start date for the City Hall sidewalk/Storm sewer project/Cougar’s Den steps.

There were no comments from the Public Works Department.

Deputy City Clerk Dennis reports the State Auditor’s office is wanting to schedule the FY20


Wessels stated that he has not heard back from the company that the City purchased the

locator from that is no longer needed. Mayor Daggs has not been able to reach anyone from

the railroad regarding the gravel at the Heritage Center. Crawford reported that WBC was

coming on Thursday to look at the boiler. Angela De La Riva inquired as to the Hwy 20 signs

map. Daggs reported she has gotten quite a few resumes from Indeed and a few from paper ad for the City Clerk position.

There were no public comments.


Pat Daggs, Mayor

ATTEST: ________________________________

Malena Dennis, Deputy City Clerk

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